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Learn the Secret FB Hack that Turns 20 Cent Clicks into up to $270 Profits per Lead!!!

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DAY #1 The Espionage Lead Gen & Auto Closer Blueprint

  • Giving Business Owners a FREE Mobile Directory Listing they Cannot Refuse
  • Correct “SPY” Negotiation Secrets to Get $50-$100 Per Lead
  • Step by Step Blueprint on Making $1,000 Recurring Per Month, Per Client

DAY #2 The 3x Classified Espionage & Geo-Fencing
Facebook Method

  • 3 Classified Espionage FB Ad methods on a $5 Budget that gets You $50-$100 Per Lead and ROIs of 500%+
  •  Step by Step on How to Set Up the Campaigns in 5 minutes with Done for You Solutions...
  • Risking just $5 Per Client Per Day AND Not Even Having to Drive the Traffic Yourself Meaning NO FB Experience Necessary

DAY #3 The Automated Well Oiled Cash Machine

  • Leveraging Call Tracking Platforms to Get Paid $50-$100 Per Lead Instantly and have Biz Analytics
  • The Simple Process that let’s you have Absolutely No Upfront Investment Risk but a Six-Figure+ Potential
  • Outsourcing the Entire Process for Hands-Off Client Management

Dear SocialMobi Hotsite Member,

Thanks for trusting us so far...

We know from our own past experience the biggest challenge to making more income is to CLOSE MORE SALES...


Now that you've got the Hotsite System to provide the right "eye-candy" to WOW local clients -- all you need to do is FIGURE OUT A SURE-FIRE METHOD TO TURN THEM INTO PASSIVE INCOME CLIENTS!

That's where "The Espionage Blueprint" comes in -- IT MUSCLES UP YOUR CLOSE with STRONG ARM TACTICS!

With the "Men-In-Black" style rapid fire power behind The Espionage Blueprint....

You'll ruthlessly leverage "3x Classified ____ & Geo-Fencing" FB Ad methods... it's like putting-a-bullet-to-the-head of your competitor's!

Your sales presentation will be so "sharp-witted" and "super-slick" it's sure to...

"Break the Legs of Rejection" from the business owners you are trying to sell to!

Here's what's critical... It is ONLY available for a strictly limited time though this private invite page...

Select SocialMobi Hotsite Members can join forces with us and become one of our "Espionage Closed Circle Group".

Behind locked doors we'll reveal "The Espionage" FB strategies during our 3 day Lead Generation, FB Ads & Automation Outsourcing Trainings.

Three training sessions going over exactly what the Espionage Method is, how to set it up and how to use the powerful leverage built inside "The Closer" Method to give local business owners an offer they can’t refuse.

It's a sure thing -- with our beefed up muscle and pro-level sales guidance -- you can't fail.

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  • You'll know this is exactly what you need to turn business owners into passive income cash cows!
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  • You'll feel confident you'll get a recurring client even before you open the office door!
  • You'll greet the new business owner be smiling because you won’t have to do any selling at all!

Let's get down to the brass-knuckles of what you'll be getting.

"Training for Selling Leads
Worth up to $270 each!!”


The Espionage Method will give you exactly what you need to become a sales expert as a local consultant; which will allow you to build a significant income utilizing the Hotsite “Foot-in-the-door” lead generation strategy.


Once you complete the in-depth training you'll know to not have sell anything but just hand over hugely profitable leads to business owners for up to $270 per lead (or more depending on niche.)

These business owners will include: Locksmiths, Roofers, Plumbers, Chiropractors, Dentists, Lawyers (DUI Attorneys), Car/Auto Repair, Pet Clinic, and Pest Control.

As an added incentive for you to become a "Secret Agent Group" Member:

You'll discover how to build a recurring monthly income with the innovative advanced income strategies which will be revealed in the private sessions.


- Day #1 – Learn How-to Close High End Local Businesses and Create $1,000/mo Recurring Income By Giving Business Owners a Mobile Hotsite Listing They Can’t Refuse

 - Day #2 - Top Secret FB ____________ & Geo-Fencing Method that is the Craziest Hack on a $5 Budget that Gets You $25-$75/Lead and ROIs of 500%+ (this is the TOP SECRET METHOD.)

 - Day #3 - Automating the Process for a Well Oiled Espionage Machine via PayPerCall Tracking Platforms.

The "Inside Information" Espionage Bonuses...

Bonuses will include a Facebook Marketing package consisting of 18 DFY Facebook Ads setup for split testing matching the 9 done-for-you Hotsites along with matching timeline covers, matching tabs and photo insets for instant FB Business page creation in all 9 niches plus an email script designed to auto-close business owners with an offer they can’t refuse.

Bonus 1: 18 Done-for-You High-CTR Split Test FB Ads –

You get 2 sets of 9 Facebook Ads (18 in total) ready to upload and use for your split-tests
including right hand and news-feed ads.

 Package includes multiple ad combinations:

- ads with text
- ads with borders
- ads without borders
- and multiple combinations

All 18 match up perfectly with the 9 ‘done-for-you’ niches.

The Espionage BONUS # 1 – $197

Bonus 2: 9 Done-for-You Timeline Covers, Matching Tabs, & Photo Insets –

You get a professionally designed never before released DFY package of fresh graphically appealing:

- FB Timeline Covers
- Matching tabs
- Photo insets

You can use to instantly create Fanpages for your new clients in just minutes!

The Espionage BONUS # 2 – $197

Bonus 3: Espionage AutoClosing Email Script –

You get a tested and proven-to-covert Email Script with a sure-fire “offer local businesses cannot refuse” - professional closing script -- to have prospects literally agreeing with everything you say.

With this you can feel confident as you get more business owners to contact you via a simple "click-and-send email".

This Auto-Closing Email Script will allow you to quickly and effortlessly to send and then say the right thing to open more doors to allow for more business owners contacting you for the services you provide. You get a masterful and "winning method" to close more sales -- and push for getting a biz owner to say... "YES I want this!"

The Espionage BONUS # 3 – $97

Grand Total Value Of ALL 3 BONUSES =


Wouldn't you love to have everything you need to with what's custom built into all 3 of these "Espionage Bonuses" to confidently walk into your sales presentations (or pick up the phone)-- all "fully-loaded" to ensure you get that "YES"?

Can you see now why you must have this and how becoming a "Secret Agent Member" you can easily feel more confident with your potential passive income local clients?

 You bet!

Just wait until you see what you learn in your very first "private member's Espionage Session!

It will friggin' BLOW YOUR MIND!


With the knowledge you'll gain with The Espionage Blueprint you will get a significant boost to your bottom line...

  • You'll feel sure and confident that you will be able to deliver quality leads to your clients
  • You'll get step-by-step tutorials walking you through the Classified FB Ad Campaigns
  • You'll get access to a "private invite only" expert "Espionage" Training Webinar Series that reveals how to "close" biz owners and get them to say "YES!"
  • You'll be able to market and sell the system in multiple ways, whether individually, or packaged with other services they offer.
  • You could easily sell Hotsite listings from $97-$197 or more but with this you can have passive income potential.
  • You'll get a rock-solid Mobi product which is a good lead-in for a mobile site upsell and/or other services you offer.

I Want To Be an Espionage Member!

With The Espionage Blueprint...

There's no learning curve. There's nothing to memorize. There's nothing complicated.

And I promise you it all makes common sense.

The Espionage Blueprint will pay for itself in just a few days of use.

 Just "point-and-click" and put The Espionage Blueprint into action and use it for 30 days.

Never again will you have to endure "friendly-fire" during a sale - because you'll be able to easily handle all your business owner's objections.

You can use the FB Ads, Timelines and the email script to beef up your business.

Try it. Start feeling more confident WITH EACH NEW SALE UNDER YOUR BELT.

You'll feel in control again.

 Lock and Load => GUN DOWN all your competitors!

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Neil Bolsey & Jian Bacs

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$1 Trial
$97 Rebilled after 1st training session
No refunds after 1st session

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